Now your business can reach out using the most popular form of communication.

Talk to customers who don't respond to traditional communication methods.

Business Solutions

Reach New Clients
Finding clients can be tough. Make sure you're reaching them in a way they'll respond to.
Contact Existing Clients
Maintaining relationships is the easiest way to keep your current clients.
Team Communication
Keep your team on the same page even if they're on the road or out of town.
The number of minutes it takes for the average email to be responded to.
The number of seconds it takes for the average text message to be responded to.

Reach New Clients

I need to find a way to reach new clients.
TextAim provides new ways to connect to potential clients. Boost returns on the money you're already spending on advertising and lead buys. We help you reach your new goals.

We make it easy for you to send information to a group of potential clients. You can add to a group the people who have shown interest. We help you reach out to these people so you can determine which leads are potential clients. From there you can focus on the people who are interested so your time is used efficiently. These responses can then be managed by your team members.

The number of texts sent daily by people between 18 and 29 years old.
The percentage of people who text daily who are between 18 and 29 years old.

Contact Existing Clients

I want to maintain my current clients.
Using TextAim's service you can stay in contact with your clients through texts. Emails and phone calls are less and less likely to be responded to by a population that has increasingly turned to texting.

Even after you've gained a client it can be difficult to stay in contact with them. Phone calls take all of a representative's time and are often screened or ignored. Emails are discarded or accidentally filtered as spam. This means even when the content is helpful information or offers the email is often missed.

Text messages are much more likely to be addressed than phone calls or emails. They're also more efficient since your team members can be in conversations with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people at a time and not be locked into a single phone call at a time.

The percentage of U.S. citizens who have their mobile device within reach 24/7.
The percentage of text messages read within three minutes of being sent.

Team Communication

My team needs time-sensitive information.
Your team members are rarely all in the same place at once and not everyone has constant access to their email account. Keep everyone on the same page at all times.

We make it easy for you to message your team or any group within it. Send messages to individuals, all managers, specific groups, or the whole company.

There's no need to worry if someone is at their computer or if their phone is getting data. Also, you can maintain an archive of transcripts for all text conversations through TextAim.

The percentage of adults who text on their phone.
The number of texts an average adult sends or receives daily.