Contact current and potential students using the method that they prefer.

Making communication effortless increases student response rates.

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There are few effective ways to get in contact with students after orientation. Getting information directly to students means you can decrease the number of students dropped from classes for missing payment or poor academic performance. Through the use of text messages your team can enter into conversations with even more students while avoiding the need for more employees.

A recent Ball State University study found that 97 percent of college students send and receive text messages, and that texting is the #1 form of communication for the campus. Only about a quarter of college students say that they still use instant messaging or email, making texting the communication method parents, professors, school mates, and businesses should use to reach them.

According to Pew Research (2012), texting is the dominant mode of communication between teens and all those with whom they communicate daily. The group you want to reach is already using it and your team should be too. We'll help your school boost completion, retention, and enrollment numbers by switching from ineffective emails and time-consuming phone calls to text messages.

Boost Completion
Communicate with your students to keep them on track for graduation.
Increase Retention
Keep students engaged in their education.
Raise Enrollment
Reach potential students who are less likely to respond to traditional forms of communication.
The number of text messages per day an average 18 - 24 year old sends or receives.
The number of seconds it takes for the average text message to be responded to.

Boost Completion

I want to help students finish their degree.
All your students have a lot on their plate, but you've identified the ones who will benefit most from increased support. Use the format students will notice so they get the assistance they need.

Colleges provide many services to help students finish their degrees on time. Text messages help you inform students of advisement opportunites and tutor availability.

After identifying the students who would benefit from assistance you can target only them with messages to inform of opportunities that increase success. These messages can turn into conversations with the student so your team can keep track of how they're progressing toward their goals.

The number of texts sent daily by people between 18 and 29 years of age.
The percentage drop in 2011 of web-based email used by people ages 18 to 24.

Increase Retention

Increase support for currently enrolled students.
Utilize TextAim to help at-risk students stay in school. Reach out to students to encourage them to come back for the next semester, and if they skip a semester, re-enroll.

Text messages make it easy for you to get a message to students regarding payment of tuition before they are dropped from their classes. Starting conversations by text message means students are more likely to get the information. Making students aware of financial aid and payment solutions allows you to keep more students enrolled. Text messages make it easy for you to get a message to students regarding payment of tuition before they are dropped from their classes.

If your school already has a team or program in place that focuses on increasing retention then you can use TextAim to boost their effectiveness.

The percentage of U.S. citizens who have their mobile device within reach 24/7.
The percentage of text messages read within three minutes of being sent.

Raise Enrollment

I need a new way to reach potential students.
You've already spent time and money identifying prospective students. Working with TextAim is a great way to increase the return you get from all the effort you've invested.

The ability to use text as a response method by potential students from marketing efforts increases enrollment opportunities. Communication leads to higher enrollment. TextAim allows you to put a text number in your advertisements so that potential students who might be hesitant to call can text for information, creating one-to-one conversations that can lead to enrollment.

Use your existing team to raise enrollment by having better communication with potential students.

The percentage of adults who text on their phone.
The number of texts an average adult sends or receives daily.