Customer Spotlight

KC Miller introducing TextAim to the Arizona Private School Association President after only two days of using it.

KC Miller

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

May I introduce you to David Goodwin - he's a long-time 'good guy' who just started a new over-the-top results-oriented company to help Admissions departments connect with prospective students. Oh my, this guy is going to make a million with his idea.

We have just been using David's new service for two days and have made 20+ appointments using text messages to contact young students who don't use their phones anymore. PLUS, we have confirmed, through his text message system, two enrollments. Get this...we have NEVER talked to these students in person, they haven't toured the campus, they just want the 'Enrollment' paperwork sent to them so they can just 'show up' and start their programs.

My head is still spinning a little from all the excitement this TextAim service has generated. I know you will want to meet David so you can introduce him to other school owners and directors. His email is He probably has a phone number but who uses phones anymore... :)

:) KC